To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee by Jean Armstrong (auth.) PDF

By Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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40 Chapter 31 Summary Scout leads Boo into Jem's room so that he can 'say' goodnight to him, and she encourages him to pet Jem when he seems wary of doing so. Boo asks Scout if she will take him home and she does so, making him take her arm so that it would seem to any onlooker that he was escorting her, not the other way round. Scout stands on the Radley porch and surveys the street from Boo's vantage point, seeing what he must have seen over the past two years, looking out from behind his shutters.

After the ladies' comments that negroes are either immoral or ineducable, Atticus' respect for Calpurnia is here deeply ironic. She is the only person Atticus can turn to for help in his difficult and delicate task. Chapter 25 Summary Jem orders Scout to put the roly-poly she has found outside where it belongs instead of crushing it as she intended. Scout views this as yet another sign that Jem is changing and she observes that it is he who is becoming more like a girl, not herself. Dill has returned to Meridian now the summer holidays are over and Scout recalls his description of Helen's reaction to her husband's death.

It is because Mr Gilmer bullies Tom and puts him into a corner that Tom makes the mistake of admitting he felt sorry for Mayella, an answer extremely offensive to the white community. To them it does not suggest kindness or good nature, but an insulting disrespect. How dare a negro feel sorry for a white girl, even if she is as lonely as Mayella, lives among pigs and belongs nowhere, like a 'mixed' child. Tom was probably the only person who had ever been kind to Mayella and yet, Scout tells us, 'when she stood up she looked at him as if he were the dirt beneath her feet'.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee by Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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